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Locate the closest urgent care center with the shortest wait time, get updates, and even check-in before you arrive for on-site or virtual visits! Free for iOS and Android.

  • Find the most convenient Inspira Urgent Care Center and Emergency Rooms by proximity to your location and estimated wait time
  • Get in line before you arrive using remote check-in for the Inspira Urgent Care of your choice
  • Check-in for an on-site visit or virtual visit 
  • Leverage your iPhone or Android phone’s native GPS mapping app to navigate directly to the nearest and most convenient facility.

Start your health journey by downloading the MyInspira App today!


Find Urgent Care using the My Inspira app - Get the care you need quickly. After opening the app:
  1. Tap 'Find Care Now'
  2. Tap 'Urgent Care Centers' - The app uses your device location and current wait times to show you the fastest Inspira Urgent Care. Tap the dots in the top right corner to toggle between fastest, closest, search by name or view options in a map. 
  3. Swipe left or right to view other Inspira Urgent Care Centers
  4. Select your visit check-in type: On-Site or Virtual
  5. Enter your information and tap 'Check Me In'

More than Urgent Care – The MyInspira app is the fastest and easiest way to find and connect with care providers in your community when you need it the most
  • Start a virtual visit with Inspira Care On Demand: From work, home or on the go, simply answer questions about your condition and receive your online diagnosis and treatment within an hour. Available 24/7
  • Find physicians, request appointments
  • Contact a Healthcare Concierge to ask medical questions, resolve insurance concerns, and more
  • Securely interact with your Inspira provider and Fitness Connection training staff
    • Manage your assigned "Health Actions" to record valuable health information for your provider and trainer to review
    • Connect Inspira Health+ remote monitoring devices
    • Use your Fitness Connection member ID barcode to quickly check-in when you arrive at our facility
  • Access your Inspira Patient Portal
  • Pay a bill
  • Register for classes & events
  • Find your way within our hospitals with indoor picture-based step-by-step directions



App Support:
Have questions, problems, or comments? Email us at or submit feedback from the Feedback link on the app’s main menu.

Get in Line with the MyInspira App

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