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A person who has unstable diabetes mellitus leading to severe hypoglycemic reactions or symptomatic hyperglycemia will not be qualified to drive, unless there has been a continuous period of at least 6 months free from a disqualifying episode.

Individuals who have had a disqualifying episode and are eligible for restoration must submit to follow-up diabetic examinations, which include an HbA1C test as well as a vision screening at 6, 12, 24, and finally 48 month intervals. Diabetic examinations may be required more frequently if recommended by the treating heath care provider.

However, a waiver from disqualification may be granted if an individual has been previously free from severe hypoglycemic reactions or symptomatic hyperglycemia for the preceding 6 months and the subsequent severe hypoglycemic reaction or symptomatic hyperglycemia occurred:

  • while the individual was under the treating health care provider’s care,
  • during or concurrent with a nonrecurring transient illness, or
  • toxic ingestion or metabolic imbalance.

The above waiver will only be granted if the treating health care provider submits written certification indicating it is a temporary condition or isolated incident not likely to recur.

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